Why write a blog?

Published 24 Apr 2015 in Blogging | Website Basics | Wordpress

For most small businesses maintaining a blog can be a bit of a pain and you can usually find other things to do instead! We take a look at what blogging is and why writing a blog is a good idea for your business.

To be perfectly honest I really don’t like writing blogs but like VAT Returns and five-a-day it is a necessary evil. So why do I bother? The bottom line is that I want to generate more business.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is basically writing articles about your business or industry that you publish on your website and is a tactic to get more visitors to your website

You may have the best looking website in the world but if people never actually visit then it isn’t really doing you that much good. Blogging is a way to attract more visits to your website.

How do potential customers find your website?

  • They can type your name in but that’s really an audience you already have. They know who you are and what you do. Visitors are are basically checking out that you are who you say you are or they are looking for your phone number!
  • You can pay for visits by using Google AdWords which is basically buying visits.  This can be quite expensive depending on your industry and once the budget goes so does the traffic.
  • You can buy an email list and start an email campaign.  You then need to hope that it gets through the spam filter, is interesting enough for the recipient to open it and then click through to  your website.  Again this can be expensive and in some instances illegal!

Blogging helps drive new customers to your website

Basically blogging helps to increase your search engine ranking and increase your profile on social media.

Every time you write a blog it adds a page to your website.  This website has 5 static pages which aren’t really going to change that much over time.  That’s probably a pretty standard amount amongst the small business community and does not really represent much for Google or other search engines to work with.  By writing blogs this site now has 10 pages which gives search engines much more to work with.

Regularly adding new content through a blog is also a prompt to search engines that the website is being regularly updated and that they should be checking your site frequently to see what’s new.  Every new page is an opportunity for you to show up in search engine rankings.

In terms of social media you are also creating content that you can share across things like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn with very little extra effort.  By posting the recent article All About Hosting on Facebook it reached 578 people with 10 of those clicking through to the website.  Obviously not earth shattering but that’s another 587 who know who we are and have a better idea of what we do.

Blogging adds authority to your business

If you regularly create blogs that are useful for your target market then it can help establish you as an authority.

Our target market is small and medium sized businesses who are looking to get more out of their website.  The articles we write are not aimed at tekkies or companies with IT Departments who already know this stuff. They are aimed at people who either don’t have a clue about, or don’t have time to think about, things WordPress, Domain Names and Hosting.

By creating these articles we hope that we can help people understand more about their website and when the time comes for them to make a ‘purchase’ we hope we become an attractive proposition for them.

A Blog never stops working

If you print off a load of flyers and do a mail drop you would expect most people to have a look at it and, if of no interest at that particular time, throw it in the bin.  You basically have a one day window of opportunity.

By creating a blog you could be found on Google today, tomorrow or in months to come.

So while the two hours or so this has taken to put together may not generate any business this week or next week it may well be that three months down the line someone comes across it and thinks it would be worth giving us a call … we certainly hope so!

What next?

In terms of the actual content for your blog that’s really up to you!  There are loads of articles on the internet about how to write a successful blog for your business and also it’s always worth looking at what your competitors are doing.

At Sourmash we specialise in building and maintaining WordPress websites which are great for blogging.  If you would like more information on any of the services we provide then please get in touch.