Posts from February 2015

All about Email

Published 16 Feb 2015 in Email | Website Basics
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If you are in business then you will certainly need to use email. In the second of our beginners guides we look at how to get an email address, what your email address says about your business and the basics of what you need to do to start sending and receiving emails.

All about Domain Names

Published 13 Feb 2015 in Domain Names | Website Basics
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If you are thinking about getting a website there are a few things you need to know about getting online. In the first of our beginners guides to getting onto the internet we look at domain names; what they are, how to choose one and how to buy one.

What is WordPress?

Published 09 Feb 2015 in Wordpress
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In the first post from Sour Mash Internet we provide a brief summary of Wordpress. We look at it’s history, some interesting statistics and a couple of reasons why you might like to give it a try.